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Mercury Retrograde

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.
~~ Ecclesiastes 3

Mercury Retrograde December 2016

Important Dates

December 1, 2016: Mercury Enters its shadow
December 19, 2016: Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn (Part One)
January 5, 2017: Mercury enters Sagittarius (Part Two)
January 8, 2017: Mercury goes direct
January 27, 2017: Mercury leaves its shadow

The last Mercury retrograde for 2016 is essentially upon us as of the beginning of December, at which time Mercury enters its shadow. (The shadow is the path that Mercury will retrace as it moves retrograde.) This is when it will start to feel as though Mercury is actually retrograde and it might be a wise idea to start thinking and acting as if it is.

Since it will be in the sign of Capricorn for all but the last three days of the retrograde cycle, we can anticipate logistical and technical issues coming up within the government and perhaps some large companies that are spread across the globe. There could be undergoing changes in their names, logos as well as leadership roles. Expect a lot of rumors adrift in terms of who is or will be running the show in both business and government. Firm rules and guidelines are essentially up in the air until Mercury moves direct on January 8.

Between January 5 and January 12, Mercury will be in Sagittarius, although retrograde only the 5th through the 7th. This may be a particularly tricky time for major transportation industries, especially airlines and all carriers of long-distance cargoes. There also could be a bit of a rumor afloat regarding morality issues with athletes as well as people in prominent positions within colleges and universities.


Below is a look at how this retrograde is likely to impact each sign of the zodiac. It is fitting to read up on not only your sun sign but also your rising sign, if you happen to know it. If you don't know your rising sign, also known as your ascendant, feel free to drop me an email and I'll gladly check your chart.


You can expect a change of ranks taking place within your career. The people to whom you have answered in times past may be up for a shift in stature. This can have an impact on your own role and title as well. So, expect some professional re-positioning to start unfolding during the course of December. The changes may not take effect until early January when Mercury goes direct, but the writing on the wall starts to become apparent in December. If you're feeling the urge to make a job change, December is a favorable time to get your resume together and start putting feelers out to people with whom you have a trusted sense of history.

During Part Two of the retrograde, you find yourself reconnecting with people who are at a geographical distance from you. It is also fitting to find people from your scholastic past resurfacing.

Fair warning: If you feel tempted to buck the system, speak out of turn or try to force your own agenda, you may find yourself up a creek without a paddle. Think first, before blurting something out off the cuff that you might regret later. Appeal to your adult side, rather than your inner child.


This retrograde is apt to work in your favor, for the simple reason that it is taking place in a fellow earth sign. One of the themes of this cycle for you is to reconnect with people who are at a significant geographical distance from yourself. This may prove to be very timely, not to mention fortunate. Despite their distance, the chances are that you understand the theoretical thinking that is being offered up to you. Yes, you may have to dust away a cobweb or two when it comes to your learning curve, but the knowledge base is familiar and you can catch up. Although travel under a retrograde can often impose its own problems, the whole world can't stop traveling every time Mercury reverses himself. And with it being in a compatible sign to your own, retracing your steps may prove productive and eventually profitable. And if there is a logistical hiccup, the chances are that even that situation works to your benefit, in an odd sort of way.


Since you are ruled by the winged messenger, it is always essential that you keep a heads up when Mercury goes retrograde. And in this particular cycle, you may have to do some stretching. If you are in the process of a merger of sorts, it is critical that you be aware of what the other side is able to bring to the table. Do they possess the real assets, resources and funding to move forward, or are they in a wait and see mode? It may take some considerable digging on your part or your sleuths, to answer this all-important question. But until you have a concrete sense of what is available, you may want to tread lightly before heading to the negotiating table,. This is not to say that a partnership can't take place. It's just that the timing may be a bit premature. Watch for contract glitches during the second part of this cycle.

Fair warning: As tempting as it may be for you to want to show your entire hand, you might want to think twice before spilling all the beans. Look at this time as a bit of a seduction process. It makes the end result that much more satisfying.


This retrograde is all about listening to what your counterparts have to say. If you're in a relationship such as a marriage or a legal business partnership, be aware that the other side may be in a holding pattern of sorts. They may be in a process of thinking things through and may not have all the answers at their disposal right now. It is not in either of your best interests to try to force the issue. Instead, take time to look back and figure out what parts of your agreement you'd like to keep and what parts may need to be restructured. The same holds true if you are thinking about entering into a legal agreement.

If you have a contract pending, don't hold your breath. If you can't come to terms, it may be in both of your interests to back away and possibly try again in January. Medical issues may need to be revisited between January 5 and 8.


A retrograde Mercury is not the best time to dive into something new and in your case, this also is not the best time to have medical tests performed. There's a greater chance of false positives or inconclusive results, requiring the test to have to be redone. Similarly, medical procedures may not go as planned. So unless there is something critical going on, it might be in your interest to wait. Another arena in which Mercury is likely to impact you now is on the work front. Co-workers could be feeling the effects of this cycle, resulting in last-minute schedule changes – so be flexible. This is a more productive time to go back and rework projects. Edit and fine tune before wrapping everything up in a neat package.

During part two of this phase, an old flame may come knocking on your door.


Because this retrograde takes place in the fellow earth sign of Capricorn, you'll find this cycle to work to your benefit. Look at this time as an opportunity to pull an old hobby or creative masterpiece out of the closet. You're in a great position to put new touches on an old theme. And the nice part is that you get to be creative all over again but on a different level. Another possible way in which this can play out is on the romantic arena. Someone from your past could resurface, or someone who feels very familiar to you. If that is the case, there's a good chance of a strong past life connection coming back into the picture. Enjoy! If children are a part of your life, this is a good time to reminisce. But also pay attention to old problems that crop back up. Resolve them on the spot. Part two of this cycle could require a home repair or two.


One of your finest traits is your ability to deal with people diplomatically. Perhaps this could be called your charm offensive. Unfortunately for you, this familiar tack may not be the most workable approach right now. When it comes to dealing with family members, you're likely to find that they are more interested in getting down to the bottom line than dancing tactfully around issues. So don't be offended if you're not feeling the warm fuzzies when it comes to the home front. It might be a good idea to follow along and take a more bare bones approach to matters.

Fair Warning: You may also find this retrograde impacting machinery at home, especially something that has a few years on it. Be prepared for having to do some repair or perhaps replacement of appliances before this cycle has run its course. Watch your driving during part two of this retrograde.


This cycle is likely to impact you on a few different levels. First off, pay close attention to logistics as you're out and about running errands. Remember to do a double check before heading out. Do you have your keys, your charged cell phone, your directions and an extra charger? It might not hurt to leave a little early in anticipation of unexpected roadblocks. When at home or at the office, pay close attention to documentation. It is important to read the fine print and to make sure that whatever you are putting in writing is accurate. You'll find it helpful to double-check facts and figures. Accuracy could easily elude you. Just because you read something on the Internet, doesn't make it true. This can also be a productive time for reconnecting with siblings. And local destinations may be going through some revisions, so expect temporary adjustments. One the whole, it's all good. Finances could be glitchy between January 5 and 8.


Since Mercury will be moving retrograde through your 2nd house for the majority of this cycle, it will be important to keep both eyes on your budget and your spending. Pay very close attention to whatever is or represents money, such as credit and debit cards, checkbooks and cold, hard cash. You're a bit more likely to misplace these items or for there to be errors in these accounts. Whenever you spend money, hold on to your receipts, no matter how trivial they may be. You never know when they may come in handy. This is also a good time to review your budget, but isn't necessarily the time to instigate a new game plan. Use this more as a time of research. Once you've gathered all your data, adjustments are timely, particularly if they are implemented once Mercury goes direct. It wouldn't be surprising if you find yourself digging through old statements. This is all to your benefit and therefore well worth your time. What how you communicate during the short part two of this cycle.


At some point in our lives, we all get the dubious distinction of having Mercury go retrograde in our sign. Tag, you're it! But, there's no need to panic. This is a good time to drop back and punt. You may find yourself steeped in issues that feel reminiscent, almost like deja vu. So, to that extent, you're in good shape. It may be time for variations on an old theme. It's certainly appropriate for reconnecting with people from your past, which may be constructive for when you need to make adjustments in the weeks to come. On the cautionary side, it will be fitting to keep a heads up when it comes to all things logistical. Be prepared for last-minute changes of schedules, so be available to communicate. Keep that phone close at hand and be sure it is charged and ready to go at a moment's notice. Be sure to confirm appointment times and locations. During part two of this cycle it will be wise to grab more quiet time.


Since this retrograde is taking place in your neighboring sign of the mountain goat, Mercury will be occupying your solar 12th house. And the importance of this lies in giving yourself plenty of time to reflect. Meditation is appropriate right now, as well as communing with your inner self. Your guardian angels have a great deal that they want to communicate and you simply aren't likely to be all that receptive unless you have some down time to quiet your mind. So, as much as you enjoy being that social butterfly and getting out and about, which you can still accomplish, it's important to create some balance and allow those inner voices the opportunity to be heard. And don't be surprised if you do not have much of an audience these days. That's just fine. If you did, they probably wouldn't hear what you have to say anyway. Old friends resurface during part two of this cycle.


Are you feeling the urge to reconnect with friends from yesteryear? Do you find yourself thinking about clusters of people with whom you socialized long ago? If so, that's just fine. This is the perfect time to revisit contacts from a while back, as far as several years ago. It's not just the people that are back and knocking on your door. It's also your goals that are being revisited. These may have to do with your career and/or with causes that are near and dear to your heart. It wouldn't be at all surprising if you're considering becoming involved once again on a social or political level. Maybe the mixture of people has changed since your last visit, prompting you to stick your toes back in those waters.

When it comes to communicating with your current group of friends, be aware that there's a chance of misinterpreting what is being said. There's no harm in asking for clarification. You may be doing everyone a favor, rather than operating under a misconception. Part two of this cycle could require a bit too much multi-tasking.



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