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Presidential Election 2020

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

An Overview of Donald Trump’s Natal Chart

  • On January 15, Saturn began an opposition to Trump’s natal Saturn, the planet of burdens and responsibility.

  • By February 1, Saturn was opposing his natal Venus, the planet of value and money.

  • On January 20, Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, transformation and regeneration as well as pandemics, began an opposition to Trump’s natal Saturn.

  • By February 21, Pluto was within a degree of an opposition to his natal Venus.The Pluto opposition to Saturn and Venus will continue through August 17, resuming on November 20 and lasting through all but the last day of February of 2021.

Saturn and Pluto traverse Trump’s 5th house of the stage and oppose the placement of his natal Saturn and Venus in Cancer throughout 2020. This aspect implies serious challenges that require him to take on responsibility, especially coupled with the burden of declining financial markets and increased unemployment. Since this opposition will persist virtually all of 2020 except for mid-August through late November, it reflects the enormity of the challenges he will face throughout the remainder of his current term. All these influences create an uphill battle as he attempts to hold on to his office for a second term. By March 22, Jupiter, the planet of growth, optimism and excess, was opposing Trump’s natal Saturn,the planet of limitation, and by April 7 Jupiter was opposing his natal Venus, the planet of money. This opposition lasted through April 16. At this point, the country was essentially shut down starting March 17. Reopening began with fits and starts since mid to late April, depending on the location.

The only outer planet that was not in the mix of difficult aspects to Trump’s chart in the first two months of the year was Uranus, the planet of innovation and technology, as well as erratic and inevitable change. However, it too, was not to be denied. By March 29, Uranus made an inconjunct to Trump’s natal Neptune. By May 22 it was making a sextile to his natal Mercury and starting July 6, created a square to his natal Pluto, an aspect that will carry through September 26. The late March inconjunct of Uranus to Trump’s natal Neptune suggests the inevitable dissolving of the economy as well as the adjustments some sectors of the economy made to service the pandemic crisis.Factories shifted gears to make ventilators and there was a scramble to get needed medical resources. On May 25, just three days after Uranus started a sextile to Trump’s natal Mercury, George Floyd died while in police custody. In true Uranian fashion, chaos and rebellion followed. The Black Lives Matter movement experienced a resurgence, marches took place around the globe and in some places, anarchy took to the streets. Images of the Confederacy began to be toppled, corporations started changing their logos and the state of Mississippi removed the symbol of the confederacy from their flag. Typically, presidential campaigns ramp up after July 4. However, on July 6, Uranus started a 12-week square to Trump’s natal Pluto. The Uranus influence inevitably creates changes out of one’s control. The location of the Republican convention is a direct result of Uranus square Pluto. This Uranus square will continue to challenge Trump’s resilience and his ability to withstand unexpected blows from any conceivable corner.

Neptune Influence In addition to the a fore-mentioned activity, on January 28, 2020, Neptune started creating a square to Trump’s natal Uranus, the first planet in the stellium of Gemini planets and points in Trump’s natal 10th house of career. Once one planet in a stellium is activated, the entire collection of planets in the stellium becomes impacted since they are joined together. At this degree of Pisces, Neptune also created an inconjunct (a 150-degree angle representative of adjustment) to Trump’s natal Jupiter in the 2nd house of finances. This placement reflects the need to implement adjustments, shoring up segments of the economy that dissolved as businesses crumbled and massive numbers of jobs were lost. By April 24,Neptune created a T-square to Trump’s nodal axis, an aspect that will last through August 26. As Neptune moves off this T-square to the nodes, it moves closer to an exact square to his natal Uranus,the planet of inevitable change and unpredictability. By early October, Neptune will sit just one degree away from this square and will remain in this position through January 23, 2021. What’s tricky about Neptune is that it’s akin to fog. Things seem to disappear. It’s nebulous, difficult top in down and virtually impossible to contain. Think droplets of moisture. Like looking at pointillism, you can’t discern what is right in front of you, but once you step back and get some distance, the picture becomes somewhat clearer. So, we find ourselves wearing masks to contain that which seems invisible.We attempt to contain those droplets that we can’t necessarily see or pinpoint but know exist.Ironically, Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, the 12th sign of the zodiac, the 12th house of isolation and imprisonment, and Pisces and is also associated with the 12th card of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. This card is The Hanged Man, who finds himself in a state of suspended animation. Neptune and Pisces are associated with sacrifice and selflessness. We see those reflections through our having to shelter in place, sacrifice our social gatherings and live in a virtual state of suspended animation, as we await the abatement of the pandemic, through it either disappearing, as the President had hoped or perhaps through a vaccine. Leading up to the Election As previously mentioned, the North Node of the Moon represents directions one can take that will assist in moving forward. It encourages one to try these avenues to see if they are of benefit. Trump’s natal North Node in Gemini favors versatility as well as duality, being the sign of the twins. As the transiting North Node returns to its natal position, a phenomenon also called the Nodal Return, Trump can benefit from adapting his tune as the election approaches. That strategy will service him well. On October 20, Trump’s progressed Moon creates an exact square to his natal Uranus. At this point,things can turn on a dime. Matters can crop up that are out of one’s control. Uranus holds ruler ship over both his 6th house of daily affairs, health and personnel as well as his 7th house of partnerships and open enemies. Election Day, 2020: Transits and Secondary Progressions to Trump’s chart ‍ By election day, Jupiter will have cozied up to within a degree of Pluto, while Saturn separates from the two planets within five degrees. For Trump, the best news is that Saturn is moving slightly away from the opposition to his Saturn-Venus conjunction, but Pluto remains in the mix, making it a virtual life and death battle. The duality of the Nodal Return in Gemini could also imply a second term. Barak Obama has a Gemini Moon and it was triggered when he won his second term. If Trump loses, this return offers him a myriad of options, such as the family businesses, writing, speaking engagements, or even media.Perhaps the most troubling part of the equation is that Neptune maintains its T-square to Trump’s Sun-Moon opposition and nodal axis. Additionally, it opposes his progressed Moon, the ruler of his 11th house of politics, setting up a grand square, which is arguably the most challenging configuration possible. Neptune’s role implies the potential for an erosion of his political life and perhaps an erosion of faith from his base. He will need to play a Neptunian trick to hold on to his grip. What can help save him is the sextile of Uranus back to his natal Mercury, which takes place between October 24 through November 17. If he uses this aspect to his advantage, he could come out with a totally different approach to his message and seize the day. However, it was under this same aspect that George Floyd died, so the potential for the unexpected remains in the air during this entire period of October 24 through November 17. There will be a stellium of planets in Capricorn within five degrees of one another at election time.Those are Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. This stellium plays a major role in where they sit in the charts of both Trump and Biden. This stellium makes hard aspects to Trump’s chart, suggesting the road to a win will be nothing short of an uphill battle. Similar to the first few months of the year when the pandemic struck, the stellium creates an inconjunct, an aspect of adjustment, to Trump’s natal stellium in Gemini, an opposition to his Saturn-Venus conjunction in Cancer and a square to his natal Jupiter, with Saturn being a wide square.The opposition suggests a one-on-one challenge. Jupiter can represent luck as well as a freeing up. Pluto indicates a letting go or rebuilding and Saturn can imply separation or additional burdens. This stellium also hovers around his natal Vertex, a point that represents where your fate is often tied to that of someone else and their actions. Pluto is exactly on his Vertex. He is truly at the mercy of others. Trump’s Chart on Inauguration Day 2017 Versus 2021 When Trump took office in January 2017, Jupiter by transit was conjunct progressed Jupiter, giving him the opportunity to shine on stage. Saturn was sitting on his natal Moon, suggesting the responsibilities and burdens he would be taking on as he took the helm of the nation. This Saturn placement reflects the uphill climb reflected in such events as the Mueller investigation as well as the massive women’s protests that occurred the day after his inauguration. The transiting North Node was approaching a conjunction to his progressed Sun, highlighting his role as someone in a high place of office. His progressed Moon was sitting on natal Venus in Cancer, reflecting his position of nurturing the country that he so loves and the support of those who valued and supported him. Uranus was creating a trine to his natal South Node of the Moon and natal Moon, and a sextile to his Uranus, North Node and Sun stellium in Gemini in the 10th house of career, reflecting the inevitable shift in public standing. By the 2021 inauguration date, his progressed Virgo Moon is in a square to his natal North Node and natal Sun, suggesting a shift in how he serves. Also, on inauguration day, the transiting North Node of the Moon is conjunct his natal Uranus, ruler of the 6th and 7th houses, suggesting an inevitable change in his professional status, his daily routine and a shift in his partnerships. So, if he’s re-elected, this would imply a radical shakeup of his staff. The overall complexion will look so much different that it will be unrecognizable from his previous term. Additionally, with his 6th house triggered, one of the issues that he will likely tackle is health care and The Affordable Care act. Whether or not he is re-elected, he could be subject to unpredictable issues regarding his health, legal matters and possibly his marriage. By March 9, 2021, his progressed Moon transitions from his 1st house to his 2nd house, suggesting that there will a transition in the way he makes his money or in his finances overall. Familial Charts There is no publicized time of birth for Melania Trump, so attempting to read the outcome of the election through her natal chart is a shot in the dark. However, Barron Trump’s time of birth is documented and so is that of Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. Ivanka’s chart shows a change in residence right around the time of the inauguration in 2021. This change could reflect a couple of possibilities. If Trump wins, she might opt to depart her role as advisor and head back to New York or elsewhere. If he loses, it suggests that she would depart the DC area. Barron Trump’s progressed Moon moves into the sign of Cancer in his 4th house of home, just days prior to the inauguration. Could this imply that if his father is re-elected, that he relocates somehow? If Barron’s father loses reelection, then his relocation makes obvious sense. Another interesting item shows up when observing how President Trump’s chart progresses shortly after inauguration day. His progressed Moon joins forces with Donald Jr.’s natal Moon in Jr.’s 2nd house of money making. This placement implies that if he loses, he may reenter the family business shortly after inauguration day. If he wins re-election, how this would make sense is unclear. Overview of Joe Biden’s Chart Like Donald Trump, Joe Biden also has a stellium in his chart. Biden’s is in the intense and resourceful fixed water sign of Scorpio, consisting of Mercury, the Sun and Venus all in the 12th house. The Scorpio Sun possesses the innate ability to dig below the surface and cut right to the core. There is a curiosity about the inner workings of things and a determination to complete projects. Like a dog clinging to its bone, it is relentless and will not give up no matter how dead the horse. Mercury in Scorpio can verbally hit the nail on the head and can easily throw a stinger or two. Venus in this sign adds a strong sense of passion, making this a powerful stellium in the 12th house. Jupiter, the ruler of his ascendant, is trine this stellium, creating the strong possibility of luck and being at the right place at the right time. He also has Mars in Scorpio in the 12th house, however it isn’t technically within an allowable orb of the other three to be considered part of that stellium. Although it may seem counter-intuitive for a leader to have planets in the 12 th house of things hidden, the reality is that this is not an uncommon placement for recent presidents. George W. Bush has a 12 th house Sun and Saturn and Lyndon Baines Johnson had Jupiter, Mars and the Sun in the 12th house. This house is commonly known as the house of self-undoing,imprisonment and behind the scenes activity and has a strong correlation with a sense of being spiritually led to act. There is a tendency to be reflective with this configuration, and with all these planets in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, Biden can have the advantage of a strategic approach to management. Another facet of the 12 th house is the notion of suffering and the resultant ability to have empathy toward others. Having been through his own losses, including the loss of his first wife and son,and then his son Beau to brain cancer, he possesses ample ability to put himself in the shoes of others. Biden’s Moon is exalted in the slow but sure sign of Taurus, known to be reliable, dependable,persistent, dogged in determination and conservative. The Moon sits in his 5th house, making him at ease on stage and playing the director. This placement also suggests a supportive role he takes with children and they with him. His ascendant is Sagittarius, reflective of his jovial, optimistic nature and his willingness to take on bigger-than-life issues. Weaknesses of Sagittarius consist of being over-extended, naïve and gullible. Uranus and Saturn straddle the cusp of his 7th house, with Uranus in the 6th . The latter imparts openness to a diversity of personnel and his Saturn in the dual sign of Gemini shows two marriages, with an attraction to those with standing and intellectual versatility. Biden’s North Node sits in the 9th house, which implies that he is best served when focusing on foreign affairs, higher education, long-distance transportation and legal affairs. Jupiter and Pluto in Cancer in his 8th house bring a curiosity for the unseen and an adeptness at protecting homes and families. Election Day, 2020: Transits and Secondary Progressions to Joe Biden’s Chart The same transiting stellium of Capricorn planets that creates numerous challenging aspects to Donald Trump’s chart is making a sextile to Biden’s natal stellium in Scorpio. In this author’s humble opinion,the sextile, which is half of a trine, is akin to the Rodney Dangerfield of aspects. It doesn’t get nearly the respect it deserves. This 60-degree aspect suggests that there are opportunities one can utilize if one is aware and acts upon them accordingly. The transiting stellium of Capricorn planets includes Jupiter,making an exact sextile to Biden’s Mercury, the ruler of his 10th house of career and status, with Pluto joining in on this sextile at just a degree away. Saturn is within one degree of a sextile to Biden’s Sun(identity and authority) and within two degrees of his natal Venus, ruler of his 6 th house of daily routines and his 11th house of society and politics. However, this stellium also opposes Biden’s natal Jupiter,creating a great deal of tension and a bit of a push-pull scenario. Saturn is backing off just a bit,softening the stressors slightly. Neptune by transit is hovering close to Biden’s 4th house of the home.This configuration could be read a couple of different ways. It could be viewed as a sacrifice that Biden is making for his home and country or possibly dissolving of his ambitions. The only aspect transiting Neptune makes to Biden’s natal chart is an approaching trine to his Mercury, something that won’t be exact until March 2021. This influence is good for laying out one’s vision, including a message of continued sacrifice. Uranus is creating a square to his natal Pluto, which can suggest a radical shift in areas of control. Oddly, at the time of the election, Mars, the planet of competition, plays no significant role to any of his natal planets but does create a sextile to his progressed Sun in Aquarius. He can use this influence to his advantage if he opts for a humanitarian message. Inner planets such as Venus and Mercury don’t necessarily play a major role in events such as an election but can act as a supporting cast. Venus (love and values) creates a trine to his natal Saturn, ruler of his 2nd house of finances and value, suggesting that election day can be a favorable harbinger of his value to the outside world.Mercury makes a square to his natal Mercury, suggesting a potential for problematic dissemination of data. The transit of the North Node in the 7th house implies that he will be relying heavily on his partnerships, which can include existing partnerships as well as his running mate. The fact that Biden’s ruling planet, Pluto, is essentially in a sextile to Biden’s stellium throughout the course of the campaign and in an almost exact sextile to his natal Mercury the closer we get to the election, implies substantial resilience, an ability to utilize hidden resources and may reflect the fact that he has been “campaigning out of his basement.” Biden’s Chart on Inauguration Day 2009 Versus 2021 There is a peculiar similarity between Inauguration Day 2021 and Inauguration Day 2009 when Biden initially took office as Vice President. The planet of Jupiter, which takes 12 years to make a revolution around the zodiac, will be at 7 degrees of Aquarius on Inauguration Day 2021, just 4 degrees away from where it sat on Inauguration Day 2009. Saturn creates an exact sextile to Biden’s natal ascendant and Pluto creates an opposition to his natal Jupiter and conjuncts his progressed Mercury. The latter suggests a transformation of his title and the former suggests a potential rebirth of his persona. When he was inaugurated in 2009, there was an obvious influence of him being elevated in status as Saturn was sitting right on his 10th house cusp and conjunct his progressed Moon in Virgo. That placement implies the responsibilities he was taking on. The 2021 inauguration date doesn’t show as much of a blatant shift in responsibility as it did in 2009, other than the sextile of Saturn to his natal ascendant.Saturn is also in a trine to his natal Uranus, ruler of the 3 rd house, suggesting that he may be in a position of increased focus in the media. Solar Returns Solar Return charts are cast annually for the moment that the Sun returns to its exact natal position by degree, minute and second. It’s possible that the Solar Return can occur the day before or after one’s birthday as well as on the birthday itself. Solar Returns function as a window into the new year and should be viewed as the base chart with the natal chart over laid. In the case of Biden, two Solar Returns need to be viewed for each election cycle, since he was born between election day and inauguration day. The November 2008 election was under the auspices of his 2007 Solar Return and his inauguration in 2009 was under the auspices of his 2008 Solar Return. Since Trump’s birthday is in June, both election day and inauguration day come under the auspices of his Solar Return for the year of the election. Trump’s Solar Return for 2016 This Solar Return shows first degrees of Leo on his ascendant with Uranus sitting very close to his Midheaven. Since his ascending sign of Leo was the same as his natal chart, although at different degrees, this placement shows him being in his element and projects his appearance as one of “royalty.”Uranus on the Midheaven implies a radical and potentially unexpected shift in his status, which was indeed the case. In the weeks leading up to the election, the polls indicated that Hillary Clinton would likely be the winner. Uranus was in a nice sextile to his Sun and Venus, thereby sweetening the pot.Mars, ruler of the Midheaven, in Scorpio squared his natal Mars but trines his natal Saturn(responsibility and big business) and Venus (money), giving him a competitive edge. Mercury, the ruler of his Sun, sat at a sextile to his Solar Return ascendant, suggesting that his messaging resonated. Trump’s Solar Return for 2020 In this Solar Return, Uranus sits in his 10th house of career but very close to his 11 th house cusp. Once again, the Midheaven is Aries with the ruler Mars but this time in a 9th house stellium in Pisces. This configuration is conjunct both to Neptune, (sacrifice and selflessness) and the Moon (the public). Mars is in a trine to the Solar Return ascendant as well as his natal Saturn and Venus; however, it squares his Sun (spirit and life force). The Pisces stellium also sextiles Pluto and Jupiter in the 7th house of open enemies and those two planets suggest his opponent is resurrecting himself. Saturn in this house shows his opponent being older and experienced. So, there is a bit of a mixed bag here. The trine of Mars to his ascendant can certainly work favorably. If Trump wins, this outcome would show the support from his base. However, the conjunction to Neptune and the Moon could underscore disappointment and erosion. Additionally, the square to the Sun, ruler of the 2nd house of money, could suggest that the financial impact of the pandemic could be his undoing. If Trump wins, the presence of this stellium in the 9th house implies foreign affairs will be a major focus in his second term. If he loses, this configuration suggests Trump potentially shifting direction into publishing, broadcasting or marketing. Biden’s Solar Returns for 2007 and 2008 The strengths of the 2007 Solar Return lie in two grand trines in water, the element of emotions. This configuration implies an ease as things naturally fall into place. One grand trine is between the Solar Return Moon and Sun connected to Biden’s natal Jupiter. There was also a tight grand trine between Mars, Mercury and Uranus, suggesting a competitive message of change. The Moon was also in a square to Jupiter and Pluto, with the Pluto square posing the greatest vulnerability; however, the two grand trines assured the win. The 2008 Solar Return showed Saturn on the Midheaven trine to Jupiter. This placement, reinforced with a Sagittarius ascendant close to Biden’s natal ascendant, reflects the wide range of responsibilities he would assume beginning that fiscal year. These influences allowed Biden to be in his comfort zone. Biden’s Solar Return for 2019 and 2020 Biden’s 2019 Solar Return shows the Moon (the public), ruling the 11th house of society, very close to his ascendant in Virgo, trine Uranus, ruler of the 6th house of work. The Moon is also in a very tight trine to his natal Moon and in a very tight sextile to Mars. These configurations suggest Biden has a comfort level with the public as well as the ability to compete effectively. The trine of the Moon to Uranus bodes well for a shift in his job title. Mercury, the ruler of the 10th house of career, sits in a grand trine to Neptune and the North Node of the Moon, suggesting favorable political support and his ability to impart a resonating message of empathy. Additionally, his natal Uranus-Saturn conjunction sits close to his Solar Return Midheaven, suggesting a radical shift in his status as well as added responsibilities. Biden’s 2020 Solar Return shows the Sun, the ruler of the Leo Midheaven, in the 1 st house of leadership.The Capricorn stellium remains intact in a tight sextile to his natal Sun, with the Moon also nestled within the stellium. If he wins, his ability to communicate a strong message of rebuilding will be vital and may include a restructuring of foreign affairs. The Outcome Astrologically speaking, the bottom line here is that the path forward for victory is a much steeper climb for President Trump than for Vice President Biden. Trump will have his work cut out for him to pull out a win. Although the path toward victory for Biden is easier, that doesn’t necessarily imply a win for him.He would be wise to appreciate that although he may appear to have a win in his bag, he can’t take that for granted and assume that he can coast to victory. He’ll need to take full advantage of the opportunities that are placed in front of him. Will We Hold Our Breath for the Election Results? Mercury moves direct at 12:51 p.m. EST on election day at 25 degrees of Libra. The last time we had a presidential election on the day Mercury went direct in Libra was November 7, 2000. Mercury went direct that evening at 9:28 p.m. That was the year that the election went to the Supreme Court and was ultimately decided in favor of George W. Bush. The Covid-19 pandemic may very likely affect the election with the potential for there to be more mail-in ballots, so it will not be shocking if there is a delay in the vote counting and the resulting announcement of the outcome. Adding to this mix, Trump has stated there is no guarantee that he will accept the outcome of the election, citing the potential for mail-in ballot fraud or voter fraud in general. Additional evidence of a potential delay in learning the outcome of the election can be seen through transits to the nation’s chart. Mercury in this chart sits at 24 degrees of Cancer, so as Mercury goes direct on election day, it will be creating a square to the country’s natal Mercury. At 8:20 a.m. November 7, Mercury transits to a trine to the nation’s natal Moon, suggesting that there should be a clear decision as to the outcome by then. Kathryn L. Silverton Based in Atlanta, Georgia

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