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Mars in Aries

Updated: Jan 4

With the Covid-19 pandemic resulting in a loss of life, a devastation of global economies and a battle over what measures need to be taken to fight the virus, we will very likely witness many attributes associated with Mars in Aries.

The way our solar system works is that the farther a planet is from the sun, the slower its rate of motion.On average, when Mars is not in retrograde, it spends about seven weeks in a sign.

Approximately every two years, the planet of Mars moves retrograde. When it goes retrograde, Mars spends a little more than six months in a sign. Such is the case this time as Mars traverses Aries.

About Mars

Mars is considered the god of war and is therefore associated with anything related to combat, the military and aggression, including guns, knives, and anything that cuts. It is assertive, aggressive,ambitious, forward looking, competitive and productive. Its urge is to get the job done. You could say it favors the concept of shooting first and asking questions later. It is considered masculine and therefore holds rulership over the libido. With its red hue, it is associated with heat and friction or anything that creates heat. It is excitable, noisy, temperamental, muscular and prone to hate, lust and destruction, as well as passionate love. It is also prone to irritation, inflammation, stinging and burning.

Mars, while in its sign of rulership in Aries, is comfortable acting out its role. Aries, being the first sign of the zodiac, favors independence. It likes to go first and is essentially the sign of the self. It does well in positions of leadership, inspiring or motivating others. Aries rules the head. With Mars in Aries, one is prone to have accidents to the head and face.

How does Mars in Aries manifest?

With the Covid-19 pandemic resulting in a loss of life, a devastation of global economies and a battle over what measures need to be taken to fight the virus, we will very likely witness many attributes associated with Mars in Aries. For those whose jobs have been essentially obliterated, we see the obvious result of many people having to start anew and aggressively pursuing new skills. We will likely see a rash of start-up companies as well as those who may find the incentive and means of becoming self-employed.

Since Mars in Aries accentuates the importance of the self, the resurgence of movements similar to “Me Too” is likely. With Mars heavily associated with war and combat, industries that center around warfare and defense will benefit. There may be increased battles over guns and gun ownership, assault rifles and the like. War itself may rear its head, possibly in brief battles that may fizzle out once Mars has completed its current journey through Aries.

In the USA, we’re likely to see the gloves come off as the presidential election starts to boil. Expect to see Mars-like verbiage in the headlines leading up to the election, so don’t be shocked if it looks like an all-out skirmish is underway.

Furthermore, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will all be residing in cardinal signs once Saturn returns to Capricorn on July 1. This alignment is complicated because Mars will be creating a square, a 90- degree angle, to these outer planets throughout the bulk of its journey through Aries, making its last hard aspect to Pluto just days before Christmas. August appears to be particularly challenging as it squares Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. Squares are stressful aspects, implying conflict and tension.

Mars Squares Jupiter

This aspect implies there will be battles over philosophy, ideology, international affairs, long distance travel, foreigners, higher education, sports, publishing, large animals, laws, courts and those who are opulent. Conflicts may arise over what seems proportionate.

Mars Squares Saturn

This aspect as well as Mars square Pluto are both particularly nasty. Mars square to Saturn suggests conflict over restrictions, limitations, barriers and blockades, government and government buildings,authority figures, coal and coal miners, the elderly, mineral deposits, prisons and punishment, and even time itself. The Republican National Convention will be under this aspect, so any expectations that it will go smoothly are likely to be dashed.

Mars Squares Pluto

If there is any aspect that implies power struggles, manipulation, battles below the surface and battles around matters of privacy and secrecy, this is it. Everything is on the table from clashes over atomic energy, petroleum, sex and sexuality, the pandemic, threats of annihilation, conflicts with dictators and corruption, and even battles over mortality rates associated with the pandemic. This time could be gory with possible assassinations, earthquakes and earth movements.

How will Mars in Aries affect the various signs?

Since Mars will traverse all but the last degree of Aries, at some point it will create aspects to virtually everyone’s chart. Some of these aspects will be favorable, resulting in enhanced productivity and positive outcomes associated with competition. Some of these aspects will present a challenge,suggesting a great deal of struggle.

Coping with Mars in Aries

Recognize that this placement is a most productive time for stepping up to the plate. It’s a time of tremendous initiative, looking forward, and being a beacon of inspiration to those around you. Feel confident, pay attention to impulses to start anew. Get ahead of the game and put your assertiveness to work.

Find constructive ways of dealing with anger and frustration. Monitor your temper. Learn helpful ways of engaging in battle, such as mastering one’s physical stamina, learning self-defense, perhaps martial arts. Remind yourself that once you’ve pulled the trigger, there’s no going back, so monitor impulses to instigate needless skirmishes. Yes, this is a time when we’ll all be tempted to adopt the “me first” attitude. Focus attention on the higher self and resist urges to make everything about self-gratification and self-glorification.

For the record, the next Mars retrograde will be October 30, 2022 in Gemini and the next time Mars goes retrograde in Aries will be for a very short stint in the last degree of Aries from November 19, 2052-December 10, 2052. Mark your calendars!

This is a very generic look at how Mars in Aries will impact the signs. As always, seeing how and where this impacts your own chart reveals much greater insight and detail.


Expect to be front and center with lots of energy to burn. It will be very easy to forge ahead and act on your impulses. Patience may be at a minimum so make a point to breathe and give others time to catch up to you. Guard against accidents, especially to the head and face. Wear hats and other head coverings for protection. Red hues may be calling your name.


You may be perfectly content keeping a low profile and tying up loose ends. Socializing may not be on the top of your priority list and that’s perfectly fine. Just make sure you don’t become a total hermit. Pay attention to the little voices that are encouraging you to put building blocks in place for a fresh start to emerge shortly after the first of next year.


Your social life will be lively, but it may be up to you to initiate things. Competition among friends is likely to occur. So, monitor your temper when you deal with friends and colleagues. If you are politically inclined, it is a great time to be a warrior for causes near and dear to your heart. Open doors to new groups of people and instigate new ventures.


It is a great time to take on leadership roles in your career. It will be easy to be the boss. If there’s a position you’d like, have at it! Pull out all the stops. If you feel tempted to break out on your own and start anew, go for it. Just be sure you have a game plan in place, or else you’ll be on a stop and start routine throughout this cycle.


Use this time to explore new directions, be they geographical or educational. The grass is likely to look a lot greener on the other side, so heed impulses to broaden your horizons. The idea that a prophet holds more appeal in places other than their home turf will likely hold true for you. If the idea of relocating seems tempting, go ahead and scratch that itch.


You’ll be in a great position to read others like a book, since your gut instincts will be right on the mark. There’s a lot more going on beneath the surface during this cycle, so don’t be shocked if you sleep more, simply to allow for your dreams and subconscious to feed you. Pay off debts and don’t be afraid to adjust things like insurance policies or your will.


If you’re in a relationship, things can get volatile and tempers are likely to flair. Partners may be prone to take the lead and may be more focused on their own progress than that of the partnership. This time is right to fight for justice, so if you feel you have grounds for a lawsuit, explore your options. It should be easy to find a champion to represent you.


Pay attention to your diet and daily routines. From a dietary standpoint, you may be burning protein a tan excessive rate, so plan accordingly. Monitor the amount of acidity in your diet and make sure you have the proper amount of iron. If you want to start a new routine, it is a great time to make headway. Be consistent as there is a temptation to quit midstream.


The one thing people are not likely to accuse you of is being shy! It is a great time to let your light shine. Flirting will be a piece of cake and the spotlight will be calling your name. Go ahead and take the stage as opportunities warrant, but let your competition know that there’s only room for one of you. No co-stars. Your inner child is going to have a field day.


Your home life will be very busy and there is no question that you’re the one calling the shots. New projects seem to spring up out of nowhere and one begets the next. Claim your own space and put your own stamp on it. Red hues may seem more appealing when it comes to colors schemes. Be careful that you don’t get distracted when cooking because there is a danger of overheating.


You have one of the most inventive minds of the zodiac and right now your brain is on fire. You may be gobbling up literature or feeling tempted to pen the next great novel. Other uses of this cycle include writing journals or memoirs. As ideas flow, write them down immediately before your mind scurries onto the next brainstorm.


It is a great time to promote your creativity and earn money as a result of your imagination. Self-employment works to your benefit, so if you have new ideas you want to promote, have at it. Just be aware that impulse buying is a huge temptation. What may seem hot one minute will likely fizzle out inshort order.

Important Dates:

June 28: Mars enters Aries August 2-5: Mars squares Jupiter August 13-16: Mars squares Pluto August 24-28: Mars squares Saturn September 9: Mars goes retrograde at 28 degrees of Aries September 28 - October 1: Mars squares Saturn October 8-11: Mars squares Pluto October 18-20: Mars squares Jupiter November 14: Mars goes direct December 22-23: Mars squares Pluto January 6, 2021: Mars enters Taurus

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