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Mercury Retrograde

Updated: Jan 16

Greetings and Happy December to all,

This is the last of the Mercury retrogrades for this year and as you’ll note, this one spills over into the new year. Please make the most of this cycle, which can prompt us to rethink our strategies.

All the best to you and yours.


Mercury Retrograde December 2022/January 2023

Important Dates (All times Eastern)

Mercury enters shadow December 12, 2022 6:23 am 8 Capricorn 08

Mercury Retrograde December 29, 2022 4:33 am 24 Capricorn 21

Mercury Direct January 18, 2023 8:11 am 8 Capricorn 08

Mercury leaves shadow February 7, 2023 12:32 am 24 Capricorn 21

As most of you know, but as a refresher for all, Mercury retrograde is a time to rework, review, edit and fine tune. It’s an appropriate time to address issues from the past, rather than start planting seeds for the future. Logistics glitches regarding communication, transportation and making connections tend to arise with greater frequency. Double critical data and appointment times, be sure to back up your devices and keep your wits about you so you don’t have to retrace your steps. This is not the best time to make major decisions, make purchases of things such as computers, vehicles or anything that contains a computer chip, but if you have no choice, do your homework, save documentation and be sure you have back-up plans in place.

On a bigger picture level, this cycle is likely to impact business in general, government officials, and politicians. It may be time for businesses to recalibrate and for government entities and officials to shift roles and adopt different strategies, due to outdated modes of tackling long term concerns. Dark places such as coal mines and old buildings are ripe for glitches and old trees may be showing their age. Underground businesses and passage ways may come to light. Other industries that can be impacted include grains and lumber, perhaps due to shipping issues. Ancient architectural structures may be in the process of being revamped.

Below is a very GENERIC look at how this retrograde will impact the signs of the zodiac. Feel free to peruse not only your sun sign, but also your ascendant, if you happen to know it.


Monitor how you communicate with those who impact your career. Don’t leave room for mixed messages. Outline ideas with clarity. Be cognizant of the fact that these people may be less than communicative, out of reach or not prepared to make decisions. If appropriate, reconnect with prior bosses or those who have impacted your career. Your position may be undergoing changes, perhaps a change of title.


Ordinarily travel can be a bit glitchy during a mercury retrograde, but by no means does this sort of cycle imply that all travel must come to a screeching halt. Instead, just be aware that there may be stalls, cancellations or adjustments of schedules at the last minute. You’re in a great position to travel, especially long distance and/or to places that have a ring of familiarity to them. Be prepared to see changes in buildings since you were last there.


If you’re involved in joint projects or partnerships, this may be a time to look at how they are funded. Some reconfiguring may be in order, so review budgets. Also monitor existing insurance policies and consider changes that may need to be made to wills. Hunches you’ve had in the past may prove themselves to be uncannily accurate and timely. Older items in the home may be on their last legs, requiring repairs or more likely replacements.


Pay attention to how you communicate with partners. Be as explicit as possible, leaving no room for misunderstanding. Be aware that partners may be less communicative than normal, perhaps because they’re evaluating their own direction. So, if they’re not ready to make commitments, give them leeway. Once Mercury is direct, they may have a better sense of where they are headed. Review pending or past contracts but hold off until Mercury is direct before signing or setting revisions in stone.


Communication between co-workers has the potential to be glitchy, so be tolerant and patient. Perhaps last-minute adjustments in scheduling are the norm. Your knees, bones or joints could be problematic so treat them kindly. This is not the ideal time to undergo medical testing. If you have no choice, don’t be surprised if results are inconclusive, requiring a do-over. Monitor daily routines with an eye on how adjustments can be implemented as Mercury goes direct.


If you’re spearheading projects, this may be the time to drop back and rethink their direction or modes of implementation. Although this may seem like an inefficient use of time, you’ll thank yourself down the road and feel more confident in how you’re steering your ship. If children play a role in your life, listen carefully to their thoughts. Keep in mind the wisdom of heeding that which comes out of the mouths of babes.


If there are things around your home that are relatively advanced in age, you may be pushing your luck. Don’t be shocked if something wears out after a lengthy period of service. Granted, a retrograde is not the ideal time to make major purchases, especially if electronics are involved. If you have a hunch of what might be wearing out, perhaps doing your homework ahead of time will pay dividends. This is also a great time to rummage through places that are dark. Turn on the light and let the purging begin.


It’s time to reconnect with neighbors and be on the lookout for changes in traffic in your neighborhood. If you are occupied with writing projects, use this time to rework and perhaps request a second set of eyes on your works. Glitches are more likely to occur when you’re out and about on errands, so be sure you keep your wits about you and remember your keys, your cell phone, your chargers and the like. You may be tempted to reread a book from yesteryear, to get a more current slant on things.


Pay close attention to finances as well as anything that is or represents money such as debit or credit cards as well as actual money. Those things are likely to fall between the cracks. Monitor financial transactions and statements, hold on to those receipts and avoid major purchases unless you have no other options. If you must take the plunge, opt for something that will guarantee longevity. Implement financial strategies once Mercury goes direct.


If you’re feeling indecisive, that may be a good thing, not to mention fitting. Use this time to reevaluate your personal game plan and strategies and resist the temptation to conform to expectations of others. You may find it necessary to reword your thoughts as others may not understand the sentiments you’re attempting to convey. Look twice before backing up and speaking of backing up, be sure you do that regularly with your devices.


Despite your usual gregarious and social nature, this may be one of those times when you’re better off keeping to yourself. You’re in a perfect place to meditate, reflect and relax the mind. As the saying goes, nature abhors a vacuum, so give yourself permission to address what is lingering in the back of your mind, thereby paving the way for whole new perspectives to emerge. Rest assured that your guardian angels have your back.


It’s looking and feeling like old home week. Folks from yesteryear are crawling out of the woodwork, eager to reconnect. If you’re feeling compelled to reach out to someone who keeps crossing your mind, take the bait. This is also a great time to become reinvolved in social causes, so reach out to organizations that tickle your fancy. Life-long friends value your input, wisdom and perspective.

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