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The Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius

Jupiter and Saturn will be conjunct on December 21 in the air sign of Aquarius. This alignment may be a harbinger of the Aquarian Age. Just as spring eases into summer and daytime eases into nighttime, astrological ages do not occur overnight. Jupiter will remain in Aquarius for a year, easing into Pisces for a few months in 2021 before moving back into Aquarius. Saturn will remain in Aquarius until early March 2023. Pluto sets foot in Aquarius briefly in early 2023, from late March through early June and then again late January of 2024 through early September of 2024 and then begins a decades long stint in Aquarius in November of 2024.

What does this mean?

The combination of Saturn and Jupiter is an interesting pair. In part, one could say that Saturn teaches us time and wisdom as well as discipline and structure; whereas Jupiter brings us opportunities to spread our wings and exercise freedom. There is something to be said that with discipline comes freedom. Take the function of traffic lights. They give us structure and timing, indicating when it’s safe to move and when it’s advisable to sit still. If we heed the instructions of the traffic lights, this gives us freedom to move with the assumption that we’re safe and not likely to cause an accident. Similarly, Saturn is like our parents. They teach us the do’s and don’ts of life, such as looking both ways before we cross the street. They teach us how to structure our lives so that as we become older, we are wiser in our understanding of the rules of the game of life here on planet earth. If we discipline ourselves as children, studying, focusing, concentrating on our education, it provides us opportunities for advancement as we mature, and thereby provides us with greater options. We have more freedom.

In the case of these two planets in the humanitarian air sign of Aquarius, we are being afforded the opportunity to gain wisdom through innovation and invention. It’s a time to be forward-looking and recognizing that we are all in this together. Aquarius is the opposing sign of Leo, so this is not about us as individual egos but rather about us as a collective. No matter how minor our actions, there is indeed a ripple effect. Aquarius reminds us that we are a community of human beings, no matter our country of origin, our country of residence or our race or stature. Perhaps having endured the age of Covid-19, the point has been driven home as to how interconnected we truly are. A virus that emanated in one location, has traveled through the air, and changed our lives in unimaginable ways. The loss of life and livelihood has been an obvious outcome. In the same breath, we are appreciating what can be accomplished through the air waves.

This sign also encourages us to think outside the box, to focus on intuition, hunches, and to appreciate what can be accomplished by focusing on the potential of the element of air, itself. Yes, we have been approaching this era for some time now, evidenced by the age of the internet, technology, cell phones and the like. But we are merely skimming the surface at this point and this era encourages us to appreciate the importance of pure knowing. This is not the logical, rational knowing as in knowing that 1 plus 1 equals 2. This knowing is pure as in meeting someone and “knowing” intuitively something significant about their essence. Call it a sense, but not a psychic sense. It’s the pure knowing as in “knowing” the right thing to do, knowing what is real and true without having to prove it. Take for example, people such as Albert Einstein. It could be said that he “knew” about the theory of relativity and other truisms of life, and then went about proving them. Indeed, to this day, scientists are proving what he “knew.” How do artists or musicians “know” they are inclined toward their areas of inborn talents. They don’t know it logically. They know it intuitively.

Because the sign of Aquarius is ruled by the innovative, inventive and oftentimes rebellious planet of Uranus, this tells us that anything can happen and that we will benefit from innovation. By its very nature, Uranus is the planet of the unusual and unpredictable. We would be fools to predict what the end of the Aquarian age will look like. Advancements will be what we might call science fiction at this time. Just as science fiction not long-ago predicted things like space travel and advancements in technology that impact everything from transportation to health care, we can anticipate that if we harness innovation, it will provide us with even greater potential and thereby freedom.

This era may be one in which we value and implement the power of thought itself. We’re already seeing this play out through technology that taps into the brains of those who are paralyzed through spinal cord injuries and the like, but yet are able to communicate with computers by mere thoughts. Once again, we are touching the tip of the iceberg here. If we can harness this sort of potential through rudimentary use of our thoughts, imagine what we can accomplish.

Consider the glyph of Aquarius. It looks like waves, perhaps like sound waves, moving through the air. We are only just beginning to see what potential lies ahead. It is up to us as humans to remain open to advancements from the likes of Tesla, Einstein, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and others and appreciate that their innovations have created a foundation upon which the next generations can build.

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