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Venus Retrograde

Updated: Jan 4

Important Dates:

April 10 Venus enters her shadow May 13 Venus goes retrograde at 21 Degrees of Gemini June 25 Venus goes direct June 27 Venus leaves her shadow

Once every 18 months, Venus goes retrograde. When she does, she remains so for approximately six weeks. She is the planet that represents what makes us smile, what makes us happy and what we value.

Since she is reversing her tracks in the sign of Gemini, which loves to converse, socialize, flit about and share information, we will no doubt be experiencing conversation overload. Remember when we had lively conversations and socializing? Yes, we’re all longing for the time when we can chit chat face-to-face. And boy, do we have stories to tell! We’re overflowing with lots of news and anxious to share it.

Let’s remember that as much as we may want to get caught up, it is a good time to reflect on logical,rational information. Hopefully the worst of the Covid-19 calamity will be dwindling throughout this cycle.

On a larger scale, be it national or global, this will be a time for a wide diversity of numbers to start hitting the airwaves. Chances are that throughout the retrograde, there will be a lot of revisions of data.So, it might be best to assume that nothing is truly etched in stone until we get closer to the time that Venus goes direct. Even then, there may be a great deal of debate as to which numbers are a true reflection of reality in the USA, as Mercury will go retrograde on the 18th of June, just eight days prior to Venus going direct. Mercury will be going retrograde in the sign of Cancer, which is the sun sign of our country. Those ramifications will be addressed in a separate article. In the meantime, here is a GENERIC look at how this Venus retrograde will impact each sun sign. As always, it is more informative to observe how this cycle impacts your personal chart, as that is based on your birth date, time and place.


As Venus reverses course through your solar third house, get reacquainted with your neighborhood.Many of us will be longing to spread the love locally, in hopes that those who have had to lay low, are now back in the swing of things. You could become a walking/talking billboard for local businesses. Hop on your favorite local social networking platforms and let others know who’s back up and running and who needs a shout out. It all comes back around. If you’re in the market for a relationship, it’s a great time to revisit old stomping grounds, digital or physical.


This time is perfect to reassess your financial game plan. Use this cycle for tracking data, which will likely vacillate for the duration of this retrograde. Rely on diverse sources of information, since numbers will be flying all over the place. Once Venus goes direct, you’ll have an excellent handle on how to move forward. In the meantime, shifts in your daily routine may be the norm, but those too, will find equilibrium in due time. Keep yourself updated on what’s going on in the lives of your co-workers. You may be able to share some valuable tips with one another.


No matter how superficial it may seem, there are times when you folks really enjoy mixing it up in the looks department. This is a great time to experiment with what might be your next “go-to” costume and coif. And since you folks appreciate such a wide variety, there’s no telling what combinations might be on the table before all is said and done. You may also find it beneficial to shift some of your overall priorities. If you’re looking for ways to give back, use this time to assess where the needs are greatest.


Since Venus will be retrograde in your solar 12th house, you’ll find that you’re blessed with a nice dose of protection. Perhaps friends and family members are checking in on you. Rely on your inner being, your guardian angels and your faith. Many blessings lurk below the surface. Just because they may not be visible to the naked eye, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. If the spirit moves you, give back to those in need. And don’t be surprised if you get the urge to mix things up on the home front. Variety is the spice of life!


You’ll be quite the social butterfly during this cycle. As Venus retraces her steps in your solar 11th house,you and your friends appear to be chattering away like there’s no tomorrow. What a fun time to reconnect with cohorts and colleagues. And if you had been active in group activities, that momentum will pick up pace as well. Clarity arrives after a bit of back and forth and will likely be more solid once Venus goes direct. In the meantime, the exchanges of information will prove enjoyable, to say the least.


You’ve been appreciated in ways that you may not even realize. As a result, your past contributions are being given a second look and people are saying nice things about you. One way to take advantage of this cycle is to reconnect with people you’ve worked with in the past. But this doesn’t include just anyone. This particularly points to people with whom you’ve had a good working relationship, as well as people you genuinely like. Much can come of these past connections, even if it takes a bit of time to get reacquainted.


If you’ve spent time in college or traveling, now is the time to reconnect with those memories,experiences and people involved. From an educational perspective, you may find that some learning material is helpful now. You’ll be amazed by its timeliness, even if you forgot it was tucked away in your gray matter. With respect to travels, your understanding of the traditions of various cultures could be something useful during this cycle. It’s experiences like these that make one grateful for having been around the block a time or two.


This retrograde may be a pleasant time for getting a return on your money. Perhaps it comes in the form of taxes, an insurance settlement or even an inheritance. Or, there may be better insurance options available that you didn’t even realize were on the table. If you have somehow merged with someone else in some way, such as through a business or partnership, there may be more resources at your disposal than originally anticipated. Don’t be surprised if an old flame pops across your radar. What pleasant memories!


This period is perfect to revisit past agreements, especially of a legal nature. Your reasons for doing so may be varied, but the process is worth your while. Perhaps there’s a clause that gives you more benefits than you realize. O her possible manifestations of this cycle include reconnecting with someone from a previous relationship. Maybe you had a good partnership or marriage of sorts and it’s time to re-discover what was so valuable about the connection in the first place. These realizations may be useful for you throughout this cycle.


This time is ideal to reassess your daily functions, both in your personal routines as well as the various hats you wear in your work. Co-workers as well as superiors may find their duties being juggled around for the time being. And any assessments that have been in the works, may be in a state of flux. As much as you prefer a sense of structure, a bit more flexibility will be required. Once Venus is about to go direct, expect a better grip on your role.


You’ve had the opportunity to review your understanding of other cultures lately, which may have impacted your appreciation for your own home, roots and heritage. This is a great time to put those collective understandings into something creative or perhaps even a bit artistic. Or, you may realize that much of what you’ve gathered, has the potential to impact children, be they yours or others. Reflect on how your creative talents can be applied and try them on for size throughout this cycle.


Your subconscious has recently been impacted by what you’ve been reading as well as conversations to which you’ve been privy. As a result, you’re getting a sense of different concepts that can be applied to your domestic life, possibly through artistic ideas or how you interact with family members. Give yourself lots of wiggle room for trying different approaches. Once Venus is ready to go direct, you’ll have a firmer feel for what is fruitful.

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