Mercury Retrograde

‍As with all the planets in our solar system, Mercury goes retrograde on a regular basis. Its apparent motion is "backward.” The closer a planet is to the sun, the quicker its rate of motion. Since Mercury is the closest to the sun of all the planets, it moves the fastest and therefore goes retrograde more frequently than the others. 

What does Mercury influence?

Mercury is the messenger God and is therefore responsible for the transport of objects and ideas. It influences all devices, processes and people associated with getting a message communicated or a thing transported. Admittedly, the list of things and people it influences is seemingly endless, from computers to cars to telephones to connecting devices such as pipes, tubes, wires, roadways, delivery services and spokespeople. If something or someone is responsible for the transfer of an item or data from one place to another, it falls under the influence of Mercury.

Who is impacted by Mercury Retrograde?

People born under the signs of Gemini and Virgo are likely to feel the impact of this cycle since these two signs are Mercury ruled. Additionally, if a person has planets in the sign(s) through which Mercury is traversing on its retrograde path, this individual is more likely to feel the impact of this motion. One way to know if you have planets in that sign is to consult your friendly astrologer. He will be able to see at a glance if you have planets in that path and when those planets will be triggered.

How can I benefit from Mercury's Retrograde motion?

‍When Mercury is retrograde, focus more attention on the past and what is already in motion, rather than attempt to start things anew. Reconnect. If that little voice throws names at you of people from yesteryear, make an attempt to reconnect. And since others are likely to do the same, expect to hear from people from your past who are making an effort to reconnect with you as well.

Get organized. Sift through the old, especially old documents and places where paperwork is stored. Whether documents are paper-based or digital, sort through them and purge what is no longer needed. In the process, you'll likely stumble upon data that slipped your mind that may, in fact, come in handy now or in the near future.

How can I avoid some of the glitches of Mercury Retrograde?

Let's face it. Nothing lasts forever and things break or quit working. Sometimes glitches happen for no apparent reason. Your computer will do things that make no sense. You may not be able to avoid some of these little bumps in the road, but sometimes just knowing that Mercury is up to his old tricks is helpful, so you can be on the lookout for these glitches. There are still things you can do to avoid major headaches. First, back up your computer and all digital devices. If you're making a purchase, make sure you're getting the right item. Save all pertinent documentation from receipts to warranties. If you're traveling, be sure you have what you need. Having to backtrack during a retrograde Mercury is commonplace. Confirm ALL data and appointments, from information to the exact time and location of your meetings. That restaurant where you agreed to meet might have moved, closed or changed hands. It's never a good idea to make assumptions, but especially so during a retrograde Mercury.

Don't be surprised if something mechanical goes awry during this cycle. Whether it's your car, your computer or an appointment that has be to rescheduled, these are occurrences that often have to be dealt with, with greater frequency than times when Mercury is direct.If you don't have to make a major decision, a major purchase, especially something mechanical, or sign a contract during this time, don't. Instead, review the implications of these decisions, read the fine print and ask yourself if this is really the most prudent decision or the best time to go forward.

If you don't need to have that elective surgery, wait until Mercury is direct. If you have no choice, be sure all the paperwork is in order and that all parties involved know where, when and why they are cutting.If you're traveling during a retrograde, confirm logistics, from flight times to rental cars to who is meeting you and when. It's crazy to think we should all avoid traveling or making decisions during these times, so just be sensible and proactive.

What are the shadows?

‍The shadows are when Mercury is traversing the path retraced. The pre-shadow is when Mercury is moving through degrees of the zodiac it will traverse once it goes retrograde. The post-shadow is when Mercury is moving forward through the degrees it has just traversed while retrograde. During the pre-shadow, you'll probably see indications of its impending retrograde motion. Schedules have to be readjusted and devices start acting quirky as if they are threatening to cause mischief. Once Mercury is direct but is in the post-shadow, you may experience fallout. That appointment that had to be canceled is now back on the books. That item that you shipped out during Mercury retrograde has come back to you.

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