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My Goal
As an astrological counselor, my goal is to provide my clients with as much information as possible to assist them in achieving their goals. Every client has their own needs. Some may be seeking self-understanding and want to explore the intricacies of their natal chart. Others may be looking for answers to specific questions, such as career directions, health issues, relationship issues or a myriad of other topics. Oftentimes clients desire an understanding of the texture of upcoming planetary cycles and how best to make use of them. The sessions listed below are designed to address these purposes.

How to Schedule Your Appointment

1. Click on the “Book Now” button for the service you’d like.


2. In the “Add your message” box, include your birth information: Birth Date, Birth time and Birthplace

(Remember: The more accurate your time of birth, the more accurate your chart)


3. To secure your appointment, you have four ways to pay:


Zelle: Contact phone number is 770-310-0179

Venmo: Contact name is @Kathryn-Silverton

CashApp: Contact name is $kate419

Credit card, click here


Once your payment has been received, Kathryn will send a confirmation email.

My services
I offer services in the following areas: 

  • An In-depth Interpretation of the natal chart

    1 hr

    $195 per session
  • Insight into the nature of current and upcoming cycles

    1 hr 30 min

    $295 per session
  • Find out how compatible you are with other people.

    1 hr

    $300 per session
  • An In-depth Interpretation of the natal chart

    1 hr

    $195 per session
  • Insight into the nature of current and upcoming cycles

    1 hr 30 min

    $295 per session

About event timing questions

The purpose of event timing questions is to provide the best time for a significant event to take place.


Examples include:

Begin a personal routine

Open a financial account

Embark on a journey

Launch a website

Begin an advertising campaign

Begin a political campaign

Submit a proposal

Make a major announcement

Begin remodeling of a home or property

Break ground on a new facility such as a home or business

Opening day of a performance, conference or seminar

Hire personnel

Begin negotiations

File a complaint or a lawsuit

Sign a contract/ Formalize a partnership

Propose marriage

Apply for a loan

Initiate an insurance policy

Formalize/file a will

Begin a course of study

Interview for a job

Request a raise

Start a new job


Begin an affiliation

Go on a vacation or retreat


Kathryn has helped me with several real estate transactions and they’ve all worked out as she outlined. Not only that, I’ve gotten more than the asking price on each of the sales. I recommend her highly.



There are many reasons for which people join forces with one another. The most common, of course, is romance but there are other reasons for people to make connections with others, such as relationships between parents and children, business partnerships, personnel compatibility, collaborative projects, travel partners, study partners or instructors, counselors and advisors. In circumstances such as these, it’s helpful to appreciate what each party brings to the table, the similarities and differences of the parties involved, as well as pitfalls that may be encountered over the course of the relationship. Issues that are addressed include communication styles, mutual values, energy levels, outlooks, rules by which we live, our approaches to life and relationships. All these issues are explored in depth when exploring how two or more entities join one another. 



All sessions can be provided long distance (phone or Skype). Sessions are digitally-recorded and provided to the client via a download link.

Data Needed for All ServicesThe birth date, time and place are needed to cast a chart. The more accurate the time of birth, the more accurate the chart.

Payment Methods: VISA, MasterCard, Zelle, Venmo, PayPal (+4%), Personal Check

My Client Referral Policy

For as long as I have been in practice, it has been my belief and experience that the best form of advertisement is word-of-mouth referrals. Other than my website and some listings in professional directories, I do not advertise. Since I rely upon you, my clients, for referrals, I feel it is only fair to give you credit for referring new clients. For every client you refer who books a one-hour appointment, you receive a complimentary 15-minute session. 

Refund/Cancellation Policy

All payments are final. A minimum of 48-hour notice is needed to reschedule an appointment. If you request a reschedule of your appointment within less than 48 hours of your appointment, you will be charged an additional $30.

All appointments are confidential and private. All payment information is private, confidential and secure. Any issues regarding payments and services shall be directed to Kathryn’s office either through her phone number or email. Clients are sent a private link to the audio file of the session within a week of the session and the link will be active for one year from the date of the appointment.

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