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Sunday, DECEMBER 18, 2022:

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Surgery Timing for Astrologers

This lecture covers the process that an astrologer needs to consider when providing the ideal time for surgery for a client. Included will be the components of the chart and transits that need to be considered. Numerous examples will be given, showing options of dates that clients were given by their provider and how the actual date of the procedure was decided, from an astrological standpoint.


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Kathryn Silverton holds a master’s degree in psychology, is professionally certified by The American Federation of Astrologers, and has been in practice for over thirty years. She has lectured at UAC and AFA conferences and teaches intermediate to advanced levels of astrology, including the math of casting and progressing charts for certification exams. Kathryn is an active member of the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society, having served on the board for over ten years, and has recently been granted a seat on the board of directors for the American Federation of Astrologers. She wrote “In the Stars” for ten years for United Airlines Inflight Magazine, Hemispheres, and was a contributing writer for Aquarius Age Newspaper.