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Uranus in Taurus

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

As the outer planets are wont to do, they spend more time in each sign of the zodiac than the inner planets. Their slow-moving nature,coupled with forward and retrograde motion, affords them the opportunity to tiptoe out of one sign and back into another, up to three times before they nestlein for their extended stay in the next sign on their journey.

Uranus is one of such planets, spending 8 years in a sign.Slanted on a wholly different angle than all the other planets in our solarsystem, it is known to be the rebel, not just astronomically but astrologically, as well.

In astrological terms, Uranus is said to be associated with such things as innovation, invention, breaking the rules and stepping outside boundaries.It is insistent upon being different, putting a unique slant on the everyday.It is known for being unpredictable and unexpected, sudden, unusual and peculiar. Uranus seeks alternatives, especially those that bring advancement to the forefront. It is the perennial reminder that necessity is the mother of invention.

At worst, this planet can be cataclysmic, wreaking havoc and uncontrolled chaos, not to mention anti-social or rebellious behavior.

Between May 15 and November 6, 2018, Uranus briefly sashayed into Taurus. After a last gasp in the last degrees of Aries, Uranus will plop itself in Taurus on March 6 2019, where it will remain until July of 2025.(Save the date!) After a nine-month stint of straddling late Taurus and early Gemini, it will settle into Gemini in April 2026.

Uranus’s journey through Aries, the sign of self, ushered in the era of the “selfie” and the “#MeToo” movement. Aries represents the head,literally, as well as heading things up. The day Uranus backtracked into Aries also marked the U.S. midterm elections. We saw an unprecedented number of women running for political office and winning, thereby breaking with the tradition of the number of men in Congress. The sign of Aries is ruled by Mars, the sign of men. During this “Uranus in Aries” era we saw the professional lives of men at the head of their field suddenly upended, due to sexual harassment in the workplace. For a brief period of time, the warlike sign of Aries brought the threat of nuclear war with North Korea into the headlines. Throughout the course of Uranus in Aries, the impact of head injuries on athletes has been highlighted, especially in football. High school football is now seeing a down-turn in participation as young athletes opt out of the sport, placing more value on their long-term productivity than the short-term thrill of competition.

As the outer planets make their transition from one sign to another, it’s not as though a switch is immediately flipped, although we often see reflections at that moment, as we did the day of the midterms. Some trends start to creep in as a planet makes its way through the end of one sign.

As Uranus enters Taurus, a different texture emerges.

The reality is that Uranus and Taurus are by no means buddies. They operate under totally different rules and as a result, Uranus finds himself in the placement of his astrological fall in this sign. A planet in its fall isn’t particularly happy because the nature of the sign it is inhabiting contradicts the planet’s very nature. Whereas Uranus delights in being unexpected, it will be setting foot in a sign that likes nothing better than the status quo. Taurus is a fixed earth sign and much prefers life to be slow but sure, staying the course. About the only surprises that Taurus likes are windfalls of money or other sensual delights.

The sun occupies the sign of Taurus, the Bull, from around April 20 to the May 20, in conjunction with spring in the northern hemisphere.The initial seed planting done during the preceding sign of Aries now gives rise to the slow but sure maturation of seeds into plants. Patience display sits virtues. Taurus holds on. The seeds embed themselves into the soil and the plants bear fruit.

The sign of Taurus is one associated with patience. It is comfortable waiting, being persistent, allowing time for seeds to germinate. It is conservative, preferring to stick with a sure thing, preferably something tangible and well thought out. If there isn’t a sense of security, something concrete or reliable, its comfort zone is threatened.

Being ruled by Venus, Taurus enjoys that which is pleasant. Money is a huge allure for this sign, since it represents value. It’s not unusual for people with prominent Taurus features in their charts to have strong leanings in the financial sectors, such as banking, accounting, financial planning, investing and insurance. Owing to its Venusian rule, Taurus also appreciates art and beauty. The physical and concrete again come into play. This sign can therefore impart leanings in art, music and design, due to its appeal to the senses.

Although the differences between Uranus and Taurus are apparent, that doesn’t necessarily mean they cannot find some sort of happy medium. It may be that after all is said and done, the most radical changes maybe the most practical. No matter what, we are looking at changes in the way we consume our assets, what we consume and how we value our assets and resources,all of which are Taurean-ruled subjects.

Money and Value

One of the most obvious arenas reflecting change is that of money, economics and the whole concept of value. The digital nature of currency is a start. We are increasingly becoming a cashless society and the implications are enormous. Starting from the most basic, it’s a rarity for people to carry cash around with them. Our options for making payments other than using “cold hard cash” are mushrooming. Rather than sending money the old-fashioned way via a check, it’s now accomplished via an app or a website. And that implies that one must be digitally connected. Not only that, but your every transaction is digitally encoded and traceable. With the explosion of all things digital, careers in those areas, including cyber security, have mushroomed. We value our security differently than we did a decade or so ago. Then there are the challenges for those who can’t afford access to digital devices,thereby further limiting their potential.

Cryptocurrencies are now part of our vocabulary, something that was unheard of a decade ago. Even the material out of which money is made,is undergoing changes and several countries have converted to polymer currencies.

The burgeoning industry of marijuana represents a tidal shift in markets. An increasing number of states are legalizing it for medicinal and/or recreational use, and marijuana stocks are traded on the stock market, but federal laws haven’t kept up with the retail market. What was once perceived as an “evil weed”, is now being valued for a wide variety of medicinal applications.

The popularity of such companies as Uber, Lyft and Airbnb reflect different ways of using our assets. We not only rent vehicle services, but also the use of high-end homes as an alternative to luxury hotels. The term “collaborative consumerism”says it all. In many cases, we no longer own software. Instead, we subscribe on a time-based fee. We no longer need to own a car if we can pay to rent or borrow another’s resources. Volvo has gotten into the business of subscription services for cars. Domino’s Pizza now caters to the outdoor activities market, delivering their goodies to those having their own outside gatherings.

The renegotiation of our trade deals with other countries has endless implications and ripple effects on our economy, as we now restructure what we define as “fair trade.” Our value as workers is being re-defined as robots prove their value.

The Arts

As Uranus, the planet of inevitable change, the nervous system and technology, moves through the Venusian ruled sign of Taurus, we canexpect to see changes in the way we view the arts, including music and dance.Just recently, a report came out, discussing how British doctors are using art and music as a legitimate form of therapy for such maladies as dementia, psychosis and overall improvement of mental health. If this becomes a mainstream concept, a resurgence in how we not only value but also fund the arts will be a likely ripple effect.

Our sense of aesthetics is also undergoing changes. Ballet slippers are now made in shades other than white and pink, catering to women of color of all shades.  It might not be a stretch to imagine that clothing for those who are handicapped or who have lost a limb,could garner considerable appeal.

The Land

As we face the long-term implications of climate change,topographical changes are to be anticipated. Floods, earthquakes, fires,hurricanes, all falling under the Uranian heading of things out of one’s control, have the potential to redraw vast stretches of land over the course of the next decade. The effects of those occurrences alone on our economy and the use of our resources are untold.

We have come to the point where we no longer have the geographical space to plant enough trees to absorb the excess CO2 in the atmosphere. If necessity is truly the mother of invention, we will have to tap into our ingenuity to find ways of tackling earth-threatening issues.


The feminine is clearly connected to the sign of Taurus,since women fall under the rule of Venus, just as men fall under the rule of Mars-ruled Aries. As Uranus makes its way through Taurus in the years ahead, we see a record number of women in politics. This is just scratching the surface of how the roles of women are in a state of flux.

The Bull and Other Animals

California just passed Proposition 12, the strongest animal protection law in history. It requires minimum space requirements for pigs, hens and veal.We have recently seen a trend of goats participating in yoga.

Ecologically-based Products

In an effort to reduce the use of plastics, some in the cosmetics industry are moving toward such items as shampoo bars. It will not be a stretch to expect other industries to follow suit.

Earth’s Natural Resources

We are seeing innovation in how we utilize our planet’s resources. Spinach leaves have been converted into a heart muscle. Grape pressings are now used to keep food fresh longer. And portable water testing kits are now available on the open market. (Lishtot) The value of crystals is emerging as a source of energy.


Astrologers ascribe what is known as a “quality” to each sign of the zodiac. A sign is either cardinal, fixed or mutable. Taurus comes under the category of a fixed sign.

We are becoming increasingly aware of the value of being fixed or still, as the benefits of meditation are appreciated. Yoga, which is done in a fixed place, a yoga mat, is being touted for its many benefits ranging from the physical to the psychological.

Conversely, our awareness of the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle have given way to standing desks and exercise devices that keep us moving as we stay in one place.

Fun, Games and Leisure Activities

Monopoly was first introduced the last time Uranus entered Taurus. Hasbro, the parent company of Monopoly, has now come out with the millennial version of Monopoly. No longer is the appeal toward acquiring assets, such as real estate. Instead, the form of currency that is valued is that of experiences. The value of this game alone has mushroomed. When it was first released, it retailed for around $20. Its popularity has grown so rapidly that it is now selling for around $60!

The Body

Sweden is now implanting chips in peoples’ bodies as a means of secure identification. Barcodes on humans have also been proposed.

The Neck and Throat

Following the sign of Aries, which rules the head, Taurus is associated with the neck, throat and shoulders. What is the long-term impact on the neck from being tethered to our digital devices? Will our bodies adjust or will there be a mushrooming of maladies in this Taurus-ruled part of the body?What about vaping? What impact will this trend have on the throat?

The Dichotomies of Uranus Being in its Fall in Taurus

As much as we are realizing vastly different ways of utilizing earth’s resources, we are simultaneously looking at ways of being untethered from earth. The Japanese have been showcasing a hovering car. Flying autos are in the experimental stages, bringing us closer to the age of the Jetsons. Will we eventually be able to convert our briefcases into flying cars and back again?


One of our most vital resources, food, is also under going significant change. Grocery stores are featuring more lines of food that are non-GMO, 3D food printing is already in the making, and we can envision the day when food will be grown in outer space stations and transported back to the earth. Digital smells are gradually making their mark.

The Unusual Here on Earth

As an increasing number of sightings of unidentified objects are being reported from credible sources such as airline pilots. Are we closer to the day when we may actually interact with extra-terrestrial life forms?

Melania Trump

Our first lady was born under the sign of Taurus, in the early degrees. Uranus will move back and forth over her natal sun, starting in June of 2019. Will she take on unusual causes, or break out of the traditional roles of other first ladies? Will she see her life undergo changes that are out of her own control? The first hit to her sun will be June through most of October 2019, the second hit in late March, early April 2020 and the last hit,sitting just a degree away from her natal sun, will take place late December 2020 through early February 2021.

Uranus in Gemini

By the time Uranus moves into Gemini, the sign of transportation and communications, our modes of transportation are on course to be completely revamped.  And the use of our minds to manipulate machines will likely be second nature. What will we do with our Gemini-ruled hands and arms once we no longer have the need to peck away at a keyboard or use our hands to drive? Will we no longer be reliant on cords to charge our digital devices? Since Uranus never fails to surprise us,it will be fascinating in hindsight to look back on this impending cycle and see what unexpected goodies will have arisen.

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