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Jupiter in Aries

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Greetings Folks,

Here’s some news concerning another little bit of activity in the universe. Be well and Happy Holidays to you and yours. May 2023 be kind to us all.


Jupiter in Aries

Important Dates: All Times Eastern

December 20, 2022

Jupiter enters Aries at 9:33 am

May 15, 2023

Jupiter enters Taurus at 1:20 pm

Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, opportunity, luck, long distance travel, philosophy, higher learning and such things as promotions, marketing, and law. It can also have a freeing up influence.

Jupiter takes a year to move through a sign but in this case, it spent several months in Aries from early May through late October of 2022, after which time it moved back into the last couple of degrees of Pisces. It will move rapidly through Aries this time around, spending just under six months in the sign of the Ram.

Aries is the sign of the self and it promotes our sense of independence, our abilities as leaders and our desire to make headway. It imbues us with confidence in our innate abilities to take initiative, to be forward looking, and to shine the light on the paths of others, thereby encouraging them to take their own initiative. In a sense, as we excel in our own paths, we become a beacon for others.

Precautions to consider regarding Jupiter lie in the fact that it is gullible and can over-extend its reach. The wisdom of “bigger isn’t necessarily better” applies here. So, its placement in Aries suggests that we keep the “self” in its proper perspective. There’s a vast difference between confidence and self-centeredness. This time is about us as individuals attaining our best selves.

From a generic standpoint, Jupiter in Aries is positive for those people with planets in this sign, be it their sun or other bodies. The same is true for those who have planets in the other two fire signs of Leo and Sagittarius.

From a global perspective, this Jupiter placement may encourage entrepreneurship, start-ups, and focus on leadership training. Further, Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of war and competition. Therefore, industries associated with these endeavors are likely to flourish.


Broaden your horizons in whatever arenas seem appropriate for you personally. This is a great time to travel, especially long distances, take risks, start new projects, take on leadership roles and take personal initiative. A greater sense of freedom is yours for the taking and possibly a sense of bounty. Lady Luck is very much on your side. If circumstances cut you loose from a situation, look at this as a gift from the universe. Caution against gullibility and keep as physically active as possible. Keep in mind that less is more when it comes to diet.


You may feel perfectly content keeping a low profile and hibernating. If there are projects that require the tying up of loose ends, make them a priority. Listen closely to those spontaneous hunches that encourage you to take calculated risks. Be aware that gifts laid directly in your lap are momentary, so don’t procrastinate. They can disappear in a heartbeat. This is a great time to quietly and perhaps “anonymously” lend a helping hand to others. Carve out time to disappear on your own. If there’s a place you’ve longed to visit, if just for an escape, go for it.


Seize opportunities to cast a wider social net. It may be time to free yourself up from friendships which no longer bring you joy. Seek out groups of people who resonate with your personal belief systems and ambitions. Take the initiative in group dynamics and if you’re asked to take on leadership roles with newly-found folks, take the bait. Encourage acquaintances to share their favorite haunts with you. Being the social butterfly that you often are, these “assignments” should come easily to you.


Are you ready to blaze new career trails? If you’re feeling that itch, now is the time to scratch it. Opt for career paths that allow for a greater geographical reach, greater elbow room or a broader berth from which to function. Yes, it’s true that your security is a primary consideration. But sometimes the universe offers you opportunities to find a more intriguing home away from home. It’s worth the risk. It’s time to promote your unique skills and your track record of leadership.


You’re in a great position to add more destinations to your travels and the farther the better. If there are places that you’re itching to get to, if only once just to say you’ve been there, go for it. You’ll be amazed at how lucky you are throughout your travels and how much you’ll learn in the process. The grass may indeed be greener and more abundant as you traverse the globe. This can also be a productive time to get more education under your belt, especially if you have a hunch that additional knowledge can set you up for a wider career path later in 2023.


It’s time to go digging through things you find most intriguing, as well as things that are hidden from view or private. Helping others prosper will, in turn, make you more prosperous. Pay attention to urges to free yourself up from notions that are stale and holding you back. Circumstances may offer you the opportunity to forgive and forget. If you need to broaden insurance coverage, now is the time to investigate and act. This may also be a time in which you benefit from inheritances or money that is owed to you.


If you’re in an enjoyable relationship, grab your partner and venture out, the farther the better. This is no time for vacillation. Take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves.

Have fun and be sure to relish shared humor. If you’re feeling stuck in an existing relationship, it may be time for some breathing room. If you’re flying solo and are looking for relationships, cast a wide net. It’s easy to attract those who are well traveled

or well educated.


If you’re not enjoying your daily routine, it’s time to add a new spark to it. Only you can make this happen. Seize opportunities that allow you to take the lead, or that are best suited for you and you, alone. And if you’re ready to take bold steps toward improving your personal health regime, go for it, as long as it’s fun! You may find that cuisines from other lands have great appeal. Don’t be shocked if you’re seeing new faces on the work horizon. They may lighten the atmosphere.


It’s time to play! Celebrate life and venture out to new entertainment venues. And if someone new on the horizon is interested in you romantically speaking, jump on board. This, too, may be a lovely source of entertainment. You’re attracting people with a youthful persona. Listen to hunches that inspire you to delve into new hobbies. In no time at all, you’ll be thanked by your inner child.


If you have yet to put your own personal stamp on your home, now is the time. Maybe you’re in need of your own space or feel the urge to purge to create a feeling of more elbow room. Either way, it’s time to declare your home as your own. Make it a fun and adventuresome place to be. Open your home to people from other lands. You’ll be compensated for your generosity in the form of a wider grasp of other cultures. You may also be considering a move.


Apply your ingenuity toward literary interests. If you have a writing project in mind, there’s no time like the present to dive in with bold strokes. Perhaps the subject matter contains humor or is the result of your travels and myriad learning experiences. Have fun putting your ideas on paper, whether of the physical or digital kind. If you’re a reader, widen the scope of the subject matter. Maybe you’re becoming interested in travel blogs or those with a different philosophical bent. Incorporate humor in your relationships with siblings.


Take a financial leap when it’s obvious that good deals are available. They may materialize rather spontaneously or as a result of your own initiative. If you need to make an investment in yourself, don’t be shy about taking that plunge. You deserve it and it will pay off! Just watch your gullibility. If it sounds too gut to be true, it probably is. Your talents and offerings may have greater appeal in places significantly distant from your home perch.

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